Disabled Refuge Systems

The aim of an effective disabled refuge system is to provide people who cannot easily use fire escapes and evacuation lifts to call for assistance. As well as installing disabled refuge systems for fire safety purposes, commercial organisations are choosing to provide call assistance facilities for the disabled in remote locations, such as WC facilities.

In the event of an emergency, the system will facilitate effective two-way communication between building management and people located in these areas to, firstly, assist rescue teams in determining where assistance is required and, secondly, to reassure people help is on the way. The system can also be interfaced with the fire alarm so that it only becomes operational when the fire alarm is activated, thus eliminating nuisance use.

Disabled refuges are now mandatory

Part M of the Building Regulations insists all new non-domestic buildings with more than one storey with lift access provide 'refuge' areas – relatively safe places where people who cannot use fire escapes. Our Disabled Refuge system can be used to call for assistance and wait until help arrives. Effective two-way full duplex communication in these areas is essential, firstly to assist rescue teams in determining where assistance is required and secondly to reassure people help is on the way. Our disabled refuge system is designed to meet and exceed BS5839 Pt9.

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